About Distinct Interior Design

Award-Winning Interior Designer

Susan Jomha, the creative force behind Distinct Interior Design, is a luminary in luxury interior design based in Edmonton. Renowned for her mastery of contemporary aesthetics, Susan collaborates with discerning clients to craft interiors that artfully reflect their unique personalities.

Her impact extends beyond private residences, earning recognition in publications like Home Trends Magazine, Edify Edmonton, and Best Homes magazines. Susan has brought her design expertise to television screens through appearances on CTV and City TV’s Mark and Mandy show. As the founder, she propels her firm’s mission to create spaces that are not only distinct but also radiate sophistication.

Specializing in high-end residential design, Susan’s dedication to crafting personalized homes has garnered widespread acclaim, supported by glowing recommendations from satisfied clients. Her passion for design permeates each project, resulting in fully furnished homes that epitomize luxury while authentically capturing the individual style and essence of each client.

In Susan Jomha’s capable hands, interiors transcend mere functionality, transforming into timeless works of art that mirror and celebrate the unique individuals who inhabit them.